Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes


Proud Member of the Rockford IceHogs
Medical Network

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I enjoyed working with Keri throughout the season. Keri has the skills to put you through vigorous flowing yoga series as well as helping with relaxation methods to calm the mind. Keri’s wide range of knowledge helped me to improve my flexibility and my mind, which I consider quite important. I appreciate Keri’s work and urge you to improve your mind/body through her practice. 

Mark Visentin, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2015-2016

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I had the opportunity to work with Keri last season and I am sure glad I did. Keri had the ability to adjust to MY daily needs. Keri can adapt from a power type strengthening yoga to a full on meditation-style yoga. Having Keri around last year truly helped me get through the season. I can confidently recommend Keri to anyone, from the highest level of performance athletes to the normal everyday citizens.

Michael Liambas, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2015-2016

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Having Keri around and working with the IceHogs and myself has been awesome. In all our sessions together, Keri has been very instructive and has helped me become more flexible overall. What I’ve learned from Keri has helped me take my training and recovery to the next level.

Mark McNeil, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2014-2016

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Keri is a very knowledgeable and friendly instructor, creating a comforting atmosphere to practice yoga. My work with her has improve my flexibility, breathing and my ability to focus (through Nidra). These improvements not only helped me in hockey, but also my well-being outside of hockey. Both mentally and physically I felt more energized. I attribute this directly to working with Keri.

Kyle Baun, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2015-2016

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Working with Keri has been great for my on-ice performance as well as keeping me centered off the ice. As an athlete, yoga with Keri has helped me to become stronger, more flexible, and more durable. Outside of hockey, the breathing techniques Keri taught helped me deal with the ups and downs of everyday life, making stress easy to deal with. I cannot thank Keri enough for helping me stay centered, balanced, and stretchy.

Mac Carruth, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2014-2016

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When first introduced to Keri, I was taken aback by her knowledge, energy and passion for her craft. As a healing professional myself, I knew a minute amount of the benefits that practicing yoga might add to my own healing regiment. While speaking with Keri, I explained my goals and concerns for adding yoga. I was quite nervous to add something so foreign to me. Keri was exceedingly understanding and knowledgeable when explaining that specific sessions could be crafted for me and my goals. Keri is a compassionate and creative practitioner of her craft. I recommend Keri to anyone from novice to expert. Keri will add to your repertoire.

— Michael Harling, Massage Therapist, Chicago Blackhawks/Rockford Ice Hogs

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Keri Knutson joined the Rockford IceHogs sports medicine network at the start of the 2014-15 season. Since that time Keri has shared her wealth of knowledge, her experience as a skilled practitioner and a profound passion for wellness and healing of the human mind, soul and body. Her work with our athletes during and away from competitive settings has opened up a new skill set for the future of the Chicago Blackhawks athletes to use in their developing tool bags as an athlete. Keri as a practitioner has a highly decorated skill set and can adjust her platform for instruction to the individual with extreme detail. She possesses qualities in a person that stimulates psychological, emotional and cognitive responses from our athletes that coincide with the demands of their profession. Keri provides an avenue for them to better themselves on and off the ice which can be ever-growing and will stay with them throughout their entire career. Keri has proven herself as an extremely strong, influential and essential asset to our organization, starting at the Rockford level and carrying on with the athletes both as teammates and individuals into Chicago at the NHL level. We are privileged to have Keri as part of our team. Those who worked with Keri outside of this environment are truly receiving an elite practitioner of not only yoga, but of the healing powers one soul can provide to another.

DJ Jones, Athletic Trainer, Chicago Blackhawks/Rockford Ice Hogs


I went into yoga one day because I just felt like I needed to change things up, keeping in mind that I never cared for yoga before. After the session, I felt great and I have not missed a session since! I enjoyed working with Keri – she was awesome at asking us what we wanted stretched and working with us on fixing whatever muscles we had that were tight. Ever since I started doing yoga I have more energy and I feel much better on the ice. In addition, I am more relaxed and I have found that I have been sleeping better. Thanks for everything, Keri, I appreciate it! 

Drew LeBlanc, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2013-2015


I really appreciate all your help this season with my yoga practice. Being able to practice in great locations that are peaceful and serene really helped me get in tune with my body. I really enjoyed the sequences you put together for the group and helped me with variations of poses because of my limited flexibility. The classes made me feel rejuvenated and relaxed, allowing me to refocus my thoughts on the important things in life. Thank you for all the laughs and trial and errors along the way; I had a blast! Looking forward to continuing my practice! 

Zach Miskovic, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2013-2015


Yoga with Keri unified my body and soul. Since day 1 I felt the difference. It basically made my life better and I recommend it not just for athletes but for everybody. It made me conscious of every part of my body where I needed more attention. Just try it; you will feel it!

PC Labrie, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2014-2018


Yoga with Keri this season was a great experience. It was my first time doing yoga during the Hockey Season and I was amazed in how well it helped. I’m usually a stressful guy who has trouble sleeping and has trouble letting go. Yoga really helped me get in touch with my body and helped release a lot of unwanted stress. This was also my healthiest season I’ve had physically and Keri was a big piece of that. My body was in great physical condition all year. I can’t thank her enough!

Cody Bass, Rockford Ice Hogs, 2014-2015