What are they saying about
Ahimsa Yoga with Keri?

Just wanted to let you know that you did it AGAIN. Every time I think you just taught the best class ever, you outdo yourself the next time!
I can’t even tell you enough how much I enjoy your class or how much it always helps me on so many levels. You are an incredible teacher. I’m so blessed to have found you!!”

— Marie G.

Fellow yoga teacher, Keri Knutson, who teaches traditional yoga, is my personal teacher, and who is an astounding, experienced, knowledgeable, and an incredible teacher and person. Students require challenging poses, hands-on physical adjustment, a teacher who will help them assess what they need to improve upon or what areas of the body need to be stretched, and a teacher who has had years of training and practice teaching traditional yoga. Students truly need someone like Keri.

— Josh S., Yoga Instructor

“I absolutely love watching my wife connect with her students. Whether online, in a large group, or one-on-one, she has a way of pouring love onto her students and nourishing their souls.”

— Jason H.

“Thank you so much for your time last night. I am so grateful to have found your classes. Your energy and passion are simply beautiful!”

— Tiffany R.

“Thank you for being in my life. I am in awe of your positive, affirming words in every yoga class. You truly live what you believe; you are an inspiration to me. I am so grateful we can share this time and space in our lives. I am so much richer for knowing you. Sending you light, love, and joy always.”

— Linda P.

“Thanks for being such an amazing instructor!”

— Nicole E.

“I have been going to Keri’s classes for over a year now. For me, yoga started as purely physical- to improve flexibility and range of motion; but with her guidance on my ‘Yoga Journey’ it has become so much more. Regular practice has helped immensely with managing stress and life’s ups and downs. Recently, it’s begun creating a profound shift in my entire being. My practice opens my mind and spirit; allowing me to release negative, counterproductive thought and emotion, and welcome in pure joy, light, and love! I am so blessed and thankful to have met Keri and to be taught by her!”

— Kristen K.